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What way do you prefer to cum  

Mgw816 47M/42F  
18 posts
11/13/2020 11:01 pm
What way do you prefer to cum

What is your favorite way to cum?
Who likes to cream pie?
Who likes to cum on belly?
Who likes to cum in mouth?
Who likes to cum in the ass?
Who likes to cum on tits?

amkamk48001 53M/50F  
269 posts
11/14/2020 4:49 am

A bit of all happyf;

XHamburgDave 77M  
10339 posts
11/14/2020 6:47 am

All of the above

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Ramiel111 55M  
18 posts
11/14/2020 9:08 pm

I enjoy cumin all ways. But, my favorite is down the throat. It's so exciting watching my partner either work it up and out or pushing and squirting it out. Both shemale and female. Seems to make the experience that much more erotic!

Daniel Daraskewicz

nomdeplume111 39M
51 posts
11/15/2020 1:14 pm

Creampie in married pussy

sussi1028 60F
854 posts
11/17/2020 7:23 am

Why in a married pussy?
What is less desirable if a woman is single, divorced or a widow?
Would love to hear about your motivation, read about your motivation, as I don't know any man who makes a difference between one or the other

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Open_Minded_69er 53M  
24 posts
11/19/2020 11:51 pm

A bit of all, but mouth so you can tongue kiss with it in your partners mouth.

Dylan_ZD 26M
7 posts
11/22/2020 4:44 pm

I'd pick option 1 over the rest but it always depends on my mood and my partner assets

lookingmeow 50M
2 posts
11/24/2020 12:59 am

love when i know he is about to cum down my throat, so heavenly and i of course love to feel it fill my boipussy.

Lordwolfsex 53M
20 posts
11/24/2020 7:03 am

In your mouth

KinkyNL1981 39M  
26 posts
11/24/2020 11:53 am

Wherever my partner wants it

iraduu 40M
2997 posts
11/30/2020 7:46 am


iraduu 40M
2997 posts
11/30/2020 7:47 am


19funcouple86 38M/34F
6 posts
11/30/2020 11:54 pm

had to pick one, but honestly I love cum anywhere my hubby puts it

mrbird1313 48M
1 post
12/1/2020 12:14 am

ln mouth

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