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How many men should a girl have sex with in one day?  

Jessygirl23 28F  
246 posts
10/25/2021 12:50 am
How many men should a girl have sex with in one day?

This would be a question for anyone really and is a topic that comes up quite a bit with my girlfriends. Assuming protection is used and and steps have been taken to freshen up...

Would you have sex with a girl if you knew that she has already had sex with another guy before you that day?

Some guys don't care and some do, so which are you and would you have a limit?
None, it would bother me too much...
Four to ten
Eleven to twenty
It wouldn't bother me at all how many there were...

jc_powerman 61M
220 posts
11/17/2021 12:02 pm

It depends on her how many men she wants To be with in a day.

samsquatch1971 50M

11/12/2021 3:08 am

as many as she wants.

sexcraving55 61M  
145 posts
11/4/2021 9:45 am

[post 4]
it does not matter to me as long as she is clean when she undresses for me and she opens her legs spreading them for me to do as i please sexually with her oh its a plus if she sucks cock taking it deep into her mouth until my cock cums filling her mouth as she takes every drop and licks my cock clean

i enjoy giving sexual pleasure to a woman,i am always hungy for the taste of a woman's pussy!

oldman1973 73M/36F  
617 posts
11/3/2021 9:07 am

My husband loves me to dress in sexy black slut gear and entertain a lot of men, the most so far in one day was 12, all bareback with certs and loading sperm wherever they wanted. I am also fully Bi and love sucking sperm from another girls cunt to share back with her

Lunatea 35F
1 post
10/28/2021 8:34 am

I always wanted to try 2. One of my choice and then one back at home.

seoulswing2 38M/28F
148 posts
10/27/2021 4:48 pm

we do a lot of swapping and both of us enjoy multiple partners and enjoy watching each other play with others

talltimber38 74M
21 posts
10/27/2021 5:40 am

More than 1 sex partner per day is no problem as long as every one is clean!

Mainer3880 41M

10/26/2021 6:14 pm


roustabout6 65M
278 posts
10/25/2021 9:28 am

As many as she wants

forgotforgetting 55M
7973 posts
10/25/2021 8:15 am

It would really depend on the woman and the circumstances. Generally, it would not, but would need to know the situation.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Snitzel123 46M  
1 post
10/25/2021 6:29 am

Wouldn’t matter how many in my opinion it’s how much you can handle4421292

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